Decision that I’m still unable to make :(

I’m still wondering if I shall keep this blog alive. Well I may have the time now since I’m having my summer break from uni but what about when class resumes? Sigh forever in a dilemma state if I shall keep running this blog. I mean I still love CPOP of course and I am obsessed with quite a number of male and female artiste (not only Fahrenheit now lol) but to manage a blog and keep it updated frequently is not an easy task to do :/

Something unrelated to the main point of this post. I used to think that a person must only has a bias and if you changed your mind you are betraying your idol. To be honest I do feel guilty at first when I became crazy over other artiste besides fahrenheit but now came to think of it, there’s nothing wrong actually. See, now I’m very much crazy over Aaron Yan, Mike He, 林更新, Show Luo, Rainie Yang, 戚玉武 and much recent one like 张翰, 吴奇隆, 林志颖, 张亮 and more but I think it’s fine at least now my photo gallery has tons of different photos hehe :P

P/s: Hans Zhang really catch my heart recently cos I’m currently watching Queen of SOP 1 and 2. Hehe xD

They shooo cuteeee. :3 George Hu is getting hotter now.


Love Now/真爱趁现在 main OTP in the shower together!!! OMFG! This is something to look forward to. I am certainly gonna watch this drama if only for this.

George Hu and Annie Chen’s got chemistry from the looks of this.

GEEEEE My favorite scene :P My otp! :) <3


真愛趁現在 Love, Now, a 2012 Taiwanese drama starring Annie Chen 陳庭妮 and George Hu 胡宇崴

Such a cute drama!! GAHH, I’m looking forward to Mondays-Thursdays now. 80 episodesss. :) I’m shipping Annie with George now. HEHE. Though I can’t decide if Annie x Godfrey is cuter, Annie x Chris Wang, or Annie x George. LOL. George Hu is so cuteeeeeeee! He’s ABC so his English is super good. ^___^

Speaking of Chris Wang, he’s not that attractive anymore. I’ve seen sneak peeks of his new drama with Tiffany Wang, and eh. He’s bleh.

DAYUM THIS DRAMA IS AWESOME! I love it anyways. :P 

Love, Now Ep 1-4


Oh loving this drama so muchhhh. One of my favorites right now. I always am excited to watch each new episode.

I literally watched ep 4 right when I woke up.

I don’t like Bobby in this as much as I did in Ti Amo Chocolate. Maybe because I do like the handsome cool types better ahah.

He’s too fun here xD

I’m very excited for the next episode!! I think George and Annie will meet again!!

Oh and that steamy kiss scene in the shower. DAMN. You can tell I replayed that over and over again xD

I like when girls make the first move, then the guy comes in and kisses ahah.

Now time to wait until tomorrow for another episode. DAMN. Why can’t it be like a China drama where it airs 2 episodes per day!!

Well 1 is good enough! It’s more then what Korean dramas are offering :D


Chris Wang spreads for Men’s UNO mag

There’s no stopping this guy! From a string of successful dramas (The Fierce Wife, Inborn Pair) and a movie (TFW) to the currently airing Love Now. His time has finally come to Shine

Oooh din know he’s in this drama. Shall wait to see his performance again :D

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Aaron Yan New Album is Released!!

Title: 紀念日 The Moment 

Artist: 炎亞綸 Aaron Yan

Release Date: 19 October 2012

Language: Mandarin


01 被忘录 | Bei Wang Lu
02 纪念日 | Ji Nian Ri
03 备份人生 | Bei Fen Ren Sheng
04 可能你还爱我 | Ke Neng Ni Hai Ai Wo
05 比寂寞更寂寞 | Bi Ji Mo Geng Ji Mo
06 换我陪你 | Huan Wo Pei Ni
07 少来 | Shao Lai
08 逾时不候的永恒 | Yu Shi Bu Hou De Yong Heng
09 原来 | Yuan Lai
10 借过 | Jie Guo

Rating: 8/10


So far one of the best album I’ve heard. Sad to say but this album is so much better than Jiro’s one :/ I kinda think HIM is getting biased T.T

Anyway, this is the download link:

Link 1:

Link 2:

Please Private Message me if you want the password. 



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Awwww; ^_^ ~

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